The following images are of some of our more recently completed works. Click on image to enlarge.

Darling Harbour
Security upgrades to the Sydney Exhibition Centre included new fencing & gates in the loading docks, fabricated and installed by EZI Automation Pty Ltd. To minimise disruption one of the sliding gates was prepared on the Saturday then painted on the Sunday. The other slider was then completed on the following weekend. Both of the swinging gates were actually installed powdercoated but were of a very poor quality and had suffered installation and transport damage. D.E.P were able to sand back, spot primer and touch up the effected areas and although they are still not perfect, they are much more acceptable.

The owners of this property wanted their new staircase to be a focal point as you came through the front entrance. Unfortunatly they were unhappy with some of the fabrication joints and the powdercoated sivler finish was patchy & unacceptable. D.E.P masked out the walls, new tiles and freshly polished floor boards and spent a full day rubbing, sanding, filling welding imperfections and sealing the joints to create the smooth seamless look the client originally wanted. The Axis Silver Pearl was sprayed the next day and left to dry overnight. We returned in the morning to clean up and unmask. Once the Timber treads and stainless steel rails are installed the staircase will definatley be the focal ponit it was intended to be.

Makita (Eastern Creek)
Makita's huge new warehouse will soon be full of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of tools & equipment, so security is high on their priority list. EZI Automation Pty Ltd were called on to fabricate and install four swipe card magnetic pedestrian gates the Extra Large entry & exit swing gates. D.E.P took a total of 5 days to mask, prepare, primer & paint all the gates in Satin Black two pack polyurethane.

Car Trailer
Being an engineer by trade Mr Johnston Thought he would fabricate his own enclosed tilt trailer to transport his newly acquired formula ford race car. He then contacted D.E.P to prepare , primer & paint the framework, draw bar & wheel arches in Semi Gloss Black. We also sprayed the formply (Timber) front & rear doors in Gloss White matched to the fibreglass sheeting that he will be used to enclose the sides. We have also painted this engine stand in Deep Pool Semi Gloss.

CityWorks (Canterbury)
Security upgrades to the cityworks depot and workshop include this new sliding gate fabricated and installed by EZI Automation Pty Ltd. D.E.P rubbed & masked the gate on one day then primered painted it in Hawthorn Green Gloss the next to match the new perimeter fence.

Sydney University (Change Machines)
Maintenance works at Sydney University included the renovation of their parking stations change machine. D.E.P Striped them back to bare metal, masked and applied the primer on one day. Both the Blue and Black sections were painted the following day and left to dry overnignt. We returned the next day to mask out the top and bottom sections and spray the grey centre section. They were then unmasked and then we applied the vinyl "Change" lettering to complete each of the machines. We have completed three Change machines to date and still have one more to go.

Wetherill Park / St Marys / South Windsor
The new perimeter fencing and driveway gates of these industrial complexs were fabricated and installed by Fencing & Gate Centre Pty Ltd. D.E.P masked, rubbed, primered and painted the Satin Black match to the fence panels, taking two days to complete each gate.

The maintenance department of this apartment building had tried to remove some graffitti from this garage door. Unfortunatley the coating that garage doors are supplied in is not solvent resistant, so they managed to remove the graffitti, and the the door colour. D.E.P were contacted by Allgate Automation Pty Ltd to fix the problem. As it was a non standard colour, very faded and there was a row of several other doors together, we actually had to scrape some paint off that was flaking from the bottom section and send it to A & I Coating for them to match it as close as possible we were then able to mask out the door and apply the colour. Being a solvent proof two pack polyurethane, if the door is ever vandalised again it will simply wipe straight off.

St Ives
E-Studio Interior Designs contacted D.E.P to undertake the job of colour changing the internal side of all the windows and door frames in this million dollar luxury apartment. Being under strata management ment that the outside apperance of the building could not be altered in any way. This ment that D.E.P had to extensively mask all of the door jambs and windows so that none of the Bright White Semi Gloss was visible from the outside (even when the main bi fold doors were open) and when inside, only the white was visible. D.E.P took six day to complete the whole apartment.

Cottage Point
The new owners of this property were carrying out renovations and transforming it into a private residence from a 'B & B'. They had contacted Fencing & Gate Centre Pty Ltd to fabricate and install new balustrading and gates. Being to big to powdercoat, D.E.P were contacted to mask, sand, primer and paint in Heritage / Hawthorn Full Gloss Green to complete the job.

Blue Star Logistics (Wetherill Park)
These new double swinging gates were fabricated and installed by Fencing & Gate Centre Pty Ltd for Blue Star Logistics. One gate was throughly prepared and the driveway and fence panels masked before it was painted the next day. The process was then repeated on the other gate so that truck access was not disturpted.

240Z / DEP01V
The repair and restoration of the D.E.P sponsored Datsun 240Z classic rally car is now complete and it has all ready seen competition in the Bathurst Rally and at Wakefield Park Raceway, we chose to paint the car in the red & black colour scheme to replicate the factory backed race cars of the "70's", although we did use the bright Red Pearl and Metallic Black to bring it into the 21st century. DEP01V is also back on the road after recieving the signage from Advanced Airbrush. Many thanks to Ultim8 Road & Restoration and Essential Smash Repairs for their help along the way.

After having trouble with their carpark roller door, the management of this apartment block contacted Allgate Automations Pty Ltd to install a new roller shutter. D.E.P were then contacted to mask, sand, primer and paint the door Pearl White Full Gloss to match the existing balustrades.

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