Being a mobile service, our job is always changing but our working procedures are always followed. If required, barriers and signs are erected to provide a safe environment, not only for us, but for anyone we might be sharing our space with students, patrons, workers & children etc.

With preparation being of the utmost importance, the surface of each job is thoroughly prepped and cleaned to ensure the best possible paint performance. Depending on the surroundings, we mask as much, or as little required before applying a coat of epoxy etch primer for excellent adhesion. This is then followed by the application of two colour coats to ensure full coverage and provide a durable high quality finish. Some lighter, pearls & metallic finishes may require more coats. Once our equipment is packed up and the masking is removed, you would never guess we were there.

Kremlin Electrostatic Paint Machine
With a transfer efficiency of 90%, and superior paint atomisation the Kremlin Airmix 3 allows us to apply the best possible paint finish to suit the job at hand, from a fine metallic finish on an internal balustrade to a strong 'peeled' finish on a hard working machine, the Kremlin brand is an industry leader.

A & I Coatings
The Vitrethane range available from Architectural and Industrial Coatings is made in and especially designed for Australian conditions. Both the epoxy primer and polyurethane topcoat range we use are formulated with onsite work in mind. Their fast drying times and outstanding electrostatic "wrap" ensure disruption and down time are kept to a minimum.